Over 68% of startups try but fail to raise money

A recent report by Entrepreneur Magazine showed that founders are having a harder time than ever raising money in the seed stage. 

One of the biggest findings was that founders aren't able to find investors who are most likely to invest in their startup, wasting precious time and energy on investors who don't invest in startups at their stage, in their industry, or in their geographic location.

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It takes most startups over 17 months to raise

That's a crazy long time. Without funding, the runway for most startups is less than 6 months.

Interestingly, the average amount of time once an ideal investor is found to a closed deal is 2-3 months. 

That means over 14 months are spent on wasted time. Why? Because the startup hasn't found the ideal investors yet.


Problem 1

Problem 2

Investors spend less than 3 minutes judging your startup

Investors get cold emails and pitches all the time. The average seed stage investor gets over 50 pitches each week.

Most of these pitches are from startups who are cold emailing, but since the startup isn't a fit due to industry, location, or traction, investors are forced to spend little to no time vetting them.

Investors want to hear from startups, but only the right for them.


Problem 3

A list of 5000 active angel investors who give seed money to startups like yours


The Solution

The ideal investors found for your startup

It can take forever to find startup investors, and we don't want you restricted to just those in your immediate network. Capital is out there, you just have to find it.

We have built relationships with organizations and partners who know thousands of investors, and built technology to comb the internet for more.


How It Works

Everything you need to contact your new investors

Once we find your ideal investors we'll send you a spreadsheet that includes several factors.

These includes the investors names, emails, phone number (if available), previous investment activity, location, social profiles, and more.


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Why are you charging for this?

We want to be sure only serious entrepreneurs are reaching out to these investors. The only way to be sure of that is to charge a pretty modest price.

Does this guarantee I'll raise money?

No, sorry. Some startups are able to raise money, and there's just too many factors  that go into raising money. If you aren't sure about your funding process, email hello@launchpeer.com, we'd love to help!

Why are you doing this?

Unselfish reason, we believe every founder should be able to raise money for awesome ideas, and after working with hundreds of startups around the world we feel one of the reasons that doesn't happen is it's hard to find investors. Selfish reason, by helping you raise money we hope you work with Launchpeer to build, launch, & grow your startup.


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